We understand the value of innovation and the hard work that it takes to make one’s vision a reality.

Intellectual property is no longer only the concern of technology driven organizations, even if you don’t consider your organization to be “high tech” or in possession of considerable Intellectual Property assets, you cannot afford to ignore their possible impact on your operations.  We work with “true tech” companies (software developers, gam developers, software designers, integrators, etc.) as well as more traditional brick and mortar businesses.

We understand and handle complex intellectual property issues and our services in this respect are broad.

For clients heavily focused on the technology, Intellectual Property issues can include: identification and protection of trade secrets, establishing and implementing trade secret protection programs, invention protection (employees and contractors), patent identification and sophisticated licensing work (inbound/outbound) to ensure better time to market and revenue generation.

For the more traditional businesses we can transfer our experience working with tech companies to help you identify what type of information, processes or competitive advantage can be protected; to this end we devise a protection protocol to safeguard information from competitors.

We also offer services along the more traditional areas of intellectual property: copyright protection for published and unpublished works, trademark and service mark registration and protection, and even “simple” matters using photographs in advertising and websites.

We focus on ensuring that you are able to acquire, protect, and grow the monetary benefits of your intellectual property. We have handled practically every type of intellectual property matter, including the full spectrum of issues related to trademarks, trade secrets, copyright and patents.