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What Does It Take to Get a Patent? Perseverance Is a Key Ingredient

What does it take to get a patent issued? One ingredient that clients often struggle with is perseverance. The reality of getting an issued patent is that it is often a struggle. For those caught in this trap — you should get some comfort from the fact that many of the most innovative concepts have often taken years to get out of the patent office.

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Why Choose an IP Litigator?

Many businesses have intellectual property such as patents, trademarks, or copyrights. In many cases, a time will come when you think someone is infringing those intellectual property rights. In other cases, you may receive a letter (or lawsuit papers) alleging you are infringing someone else’s patent, trademark, or copyright. For businesses that need to enforce or defend their intellectual property rights, the clear choice is to hire an experienced IP litigator. Here’s why:

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