We can and we will work WITH and FOR you. YOU are our main focus.

We are here to guide you on the journey – and it does not matter if you’re only starting out or an established solo or business in need of further growth.  We are experienced in a wide range of new industries – we know the markets – and our multifunctional team is able to advise on matters related to corporate governance, strategy and business development.

We are with you however you need us – we can just point out the way or we can help you carry the load. Our role is defined by your needs, and our capabilities are global.


Origin Story

Every team of superheroes has an origin story, and this is ours.

We are not conventional superheroes, we haven’t jumped over any tall buildings or have a secret lair in cave, but we will move heaven and earth to help you and your business grow.

Counsel4Creatives became official 2015, but for more than a decade Fran and the team have been in the business of helping entrepreneurial individuals and organizations achieve their goals.

We are an eclectic team, but in that diversity lies our strength. Not only can we provide solid legal advice and business development guidance, we provide these things from the unique perspective of people will work tirelessly to understand how you envision your future in order to provide the tools the right tools for each new challenge.

So if you want to know a little bit more about who we are, go ahead and click on those pictures below.